St Lucia Cocoa Tea recipe

Our tasty St Lucia Cocoa tea will taste different from the kind of cocoa tea that you are used to or what you may find in super markets both here and any where else in the world. Personally, I rather drink this one than any other that I have tasted.


If you think you’ve tasted the best tea, wait till you taste this one. Absolutely everyone loves it.

It is made from the naturally grounded cocoa. This is really a simply recipe and the cocoa stick can be found at most super markets or at the Castries market. Don’t buy them if they look a little moist. Get one that is firm and dry so it can be grated properly.

The cocoa stick is made when the cocoa is grinned and is rolled up long as a stick. This is when we use it to make our cocoa tea.

Most St Lucians like theirs thick, while others like it plain. It does not matter what your taste is, the recipe was made with both users in mind.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Two table spoons of grated cocoa
  • A quarter tea spoon grated nutmeg
  • A quarter tea spoon cinnamon
  • One table spoon white flour (optional)
  • A half cup of milk Two table spoons of sugar


Put two cups of water to boil in a pot while adding your two table spoons of grated cocoa, grated nutmeg, and cinnamon. Allow it to boil for approximately three to four minutes.

.Add milk to the pot and stir as you seethe the flour to thicken to prevent it from making lumps. The flour is optional and is only for if you want it a bit thick. Add sugar for taste.

This recipe serves two cups of delicious St Lucia cocoa tea. You may choose to add less or more sugar depending on your taste. We normally eat hot bakes with this recipe; we call it hot bakes and cocoa tea so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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