St.lucia Carnival Excitement

Saint Lucia carnival showcases a rich display of our culture and pays homage to our islands African and catholic heritage. This cultural festival was once used to mark the end of the lantern season but was pushed to July because of the competition with Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival.


There are a number of events leading up to carnival day like Calypso, Power and Groovy Monarch, National Carnival Queen Pageant, Breakout at Dawn, U4RIA, Kiddies Carnival, J’ouvert on Carnival morning and Carnival day itself (Monday & Tuesday).


On the Carnival days many bands parade along the Castries route (from Mega J Round-a-bout) to the city where they are judged in front of the Castries market and on Carnival Tuesday they are free to do as they please.

Many spectators come out to view the parade of the bands and have a good time. There are several local bands taking part in this spectacular event namely Legends, Looshan Revellers, Toxic Nation, Red Rebellion, Royalites Xtreme, Couture Bacchanal and Insaniti.


2016 Carnival Calendar



Habitat Terrace near Rodney Bay, is decorating in the Carnival Spirit. Every year Owner Cheryl and Staff, get their Hotel all dressup for Carinval

Getting everything ready to put their guests in the Carnival Mood!


Enjoy everything Carnival when you stay at Habitat Terrace Hotel, near Rodney Bay.

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