The Harbor Club, Saint Lucia

The hotel, situated in Rodney Bay next to the Marina, one of the finest in Saint Lucia, welcomes Saint Lucians and guests from near and far, and provides a wide range of amenities to meet their every need.

Our 115 rooms offer a choice of suites and junior suites, designed according to world class standards, to suit every guest, whatever their age, ability or agility.

Our amenities include:

    • The GourmetClub and The FoodClub, our two restaurants;
    • The GreenClub, a healthy choice café;
    • The PizzaClub, home to the best Italian pizza;
    • The LoungeClub; The ScuBarClub;

The Market Street, a busy pedestrian-only thoroughfare between the Dive Center and the Hotel is an unforgettable encounter, open to tourists and Saint Lucians alike. The Shops of Little Ben are located here. For locals, there is easy access to ample parking to complete the shopping experience.

The ScuBarClub is in the Little Ben Clock Tower, the rendezvous point for our free ferry service to Reduit Beach during the daytime, and to the centre of Rodney Bay on evenings, just the place to enjoy the Village Vibe!

On location is The Dive Center, a one-stop experience for divers, providing everything from snorkel equipment to certified diving courses for beginners as well as experienced, certified divers.

The Gourmet Club

is our fine dining dinner-only restaurant, located on the top floor of the HarborClub. Sample and experience the unique Italian and Mediterranean flavors of the finest quality.

Compliment dinner with your choice of wines from our excellent selection. Enjoy all this, in an elegant air-conditioned ambiance, with astonishing views of the northern coastline, including Pigeon Point and Martinique.

The roof-top bar is your gateway to The GourmetClub.

Before or after dinner at The GourmetClub, you can relax here and enjoy an aperitif or just chill out and soak in the gentle evening breeze under star-lit skies.

To top it off, we provide a private dining facility for small groups.

When dining at The Gourmet Club, we prefer that our guests always dress elegantly.

The 7thHeavenClub

During an incredibly satisfying jaunt along Market Street, enjoy delectable pastry and confectionery from our very own Swiss style bakery.

Top off the lime with our mouth-watering, crusty varieties of bread baked especially for you. This is the most delicious pastry you will find this side of heaven. And when you sample real handcrafted Swiss-chocolate candy, you will agree that The 7th HeavenClub is gloriously irresistible. Our homemade ice cream is truly a dream! Come taste and enjoy. Stay as long as you need to.

The PizzaClub

The Pizza Club, located adjacent to the party deck, is located right in the centre of all the activity, hugging the south western corner of the pool area.

Over-looking the Marina, watch eventide descend over the Caribbean sea at dusk.

Home to the best Italian Pizza, we open from 11:00am to midnight. Sleep late, enjoy real pizza, laze in and around the pool, or just relax completely in a court-side cabana.

While you are at The Pizza Club, ask about our Flammkuchen, the French version of Pizza.We promise you, this is yet another unforgettable experience!

The FoodClub

Our casual restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The FoodClub offers a choice of air-conditioned indoor or relaxed outdoor seating, overlooking the swimming pool and the Marina.

Feel the pulse of people shopping or having fun at the pool, and after a fascinating foray on Market Street, just re-energize at The FoodClub.
Pop in for great food which is simply delicious for breakfast, or lunch.
And when you arrive for dinner, we turn on the Harbor Lights just for you.
Enjoy poolside or harbor-side views while you dine.

The GreenClub

Eat Healthy, stay happy. For fresh salads, fruits and juices, invest your time at our Café on the first floor, above the entrance and below the Gym and Spa.

And to start you thinking about enjoying the outdoors, we’ve brought the Tour desk closer to you.

Here you will find laptops with free Internet access for your convenience.

The Green Club is a great place to meet Saint Lucians who will be more than happy to share local tales with you.

The LoungeClub

A luxurious open space to soak in the delights, enjoy cocktails, watch television, and shake it up a little

Fresh and breezy; a place where you just want to kick your shoes off and really let your hair down; The LoungeClub is just the place for you after a very long day.

Mingle with friends, old and new; invite your Saint Lucian friends to have a drink with you, and stir up the ambiance like you never have before.

The PoolClub

There is nothing like this anywhere in the Caribbean. We know; we built it just for you. Let the world go away; it is pool time, at The PoolClub.

Swim, play, splash and enjoy, or simply soak up the sun and observe! Once you are in it, it is your very own pool, and it puts you right in the centre of all the action!

The Pool Club is within walking distance from The Pizza Club, The Food Club and the party deck.

The GymClub

If you are serious about your workout, then we are too. If you just want to re-shape a little, this is the place for you.

Whatever you want your GymClub to be, we can be that for you, with quality and service to help you break that sweat.

Your body will keep thanking you for a long time.

A great hang out spot for Saint Lucians also looking to tone up and stay in shape.

The SpaClub

When your mind wants to let go; you want to unwind; and your body tells you it has had enough.
It is time to visit The SpaClub.

All you need to do is show up.
We will do the rest.
Stay until you are satisfied

Your body will keep thanking you for a long time.

Whether you are a Saint Lucian guest or a hotel guest from afar, pop in to The Spa Club and stay for a while longer.

The ScubarClub

The ScuBarClub is in the Little Ben Clock Tower, the rendezvous point for the free ferry service to Reduit Beach during the daytime, and to the centre of Rodney Bay on evenings.

Guests and locals alike can sit and relax here while waiting for our regular ferry service that will take them on a hassle-free exclusive harbor ride to Rodney Bay.

If all you want is to sit on the bay and enjoy a few laughs, there’s no pressure. Plan a soiree with friends right here at The ScubarClub, and let
Little Ben be your guide home.